Nevada Oversize and Wide Load Transports

Maga Trucking & Repair, Inc. is the local authority for oversize and wide load transports in Nevada. Our experienced trucking team is familiar with all of the precautions and directives that come with rigging and hauling your oversized load safely and quickly to it destination. Our trailers can accommodate up to 200,000 pounds, with more than 20 trucks and drivers ready to help you relocate your assets.


Industries We Serve in Nevada

Our team has worked with customers from a wide variety of industries to properly handle oversize transports in Nevada. From planning the logistics of the route, to rigging and flagging, to the actual relocation itself, trust us to be your end-to-end, reliable resource for wide load transport. Some of our most frequent customers include:

  • Construction equipment, assets and materials
  • Agricultural equipment and heavy machinery
  • Industrial machinery and prefab materials
  • Mining and drilling equipment
  • Cranes and hoisting equipment

Drivers You Can Trust

More than just the equipment necessary to haul your oversized and wide loads, Maga Trucking & Repair, Inc. also has the experienced drivers. We give our customers peace of mind by employing drivers that understand the value of the freight they’re hauling and how to handle it out on the road. From properly marking and flagging, to driving defensively and making sound decisions, we have a track record for excellence out on the road.

Let Us Haul Your Freight

If you need oversize transports in Nevada that demand unparalleled attention and the utmost care, Maga Trucking & Repair, Inc. is your first and only solution. We’re ready to consult with you about the nature of your oversized load, its destination, timeline and more. From there, we’ll figure out how to get your larger assets transported properly.
For more information about our capabilities or to speak with one of our experts today regarding your freight, please contact us by calling 775-623-2768.