Semi-Truck and Trailer Repair in Winnemucca, NV

Semi-trucks put on plenty of miles and need routine service and repairs throughout the year. If a rig is due for scheduled services or there are signs showing need of repairs needed for preventative care, bring it in today! Our full-service semi-truck and trailer repair shop has all of the parts and expertise needed to ensure rigs are road-ready.

We’re proud to offer a wide variety of crane, semi-truck and trailer repairs. Maga Trucking & Repair, Inc. can service brakes showing signs of failure and engines needing minor repairs. Our primary work consists of the following:

Semi-Truck and Trailer Repair

Welding and Fabrication

Semi-Truck and Trailer Repair

Brake Repair

Semi-Truck and Trailer Repair

Clutch Adjustments

Semi-Truck and Trailer Repair

Tire Repair and Replacement

Semi-Truck and Trailer Repair

Truck Parts

Semi-Truck and Trailer Repair

Hydraulic Hoses

At Maga Trucking & Repair, Inc., we carry parts for all major truck brands, to ensure we can deliver restorative solutions to rigs without having to wait around for specialty parts to be shipped. We carry brake shoes, valves and belts, and more! Some of the top name brands we stock include:

  • Baldwin
  • Caterpillar
  • Cummins
  • Delco Remy
  • Haldex
  • National
  • Philips
  • Spicer/Eaton
  • Stemco
  • Tectran
  • Timken

We make hydraulic hoses in-house and can make hoses compatible with most equipment, up to 2.5 inches. Our team works with hoses in construction, agricultural, and industrial equipment.

Knowing emergencies happen when we least expect it, we are happy to extend our services to on the road service throughout Winnemuca, Humboldt County, Imlay, or Golconda, NV, available to assist with heavy hauling trucking-related emergencies and semi-truck and trailer repair.

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